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20 hours ago

My guest today is Troy Warner of First Class Home Mortgage. We talk about the current concerns in the market and why it's still a great time to own real estate, if you can manage it of course. It also may not be a dark as it seems. One tip. Stop watching the media as basis for your research in making real estate decisions.
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5 days ago

My guests today are the hosts of the long-time LDS podcast called The Sisterhood Podcast. Two LDS women who have created a hopeful place for women who love the gospel but struggle with the church. Promoting love and understanding for women all over the faith spectrum.
We talk about how we as humans and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can do so much more to love and accept each other no matter our politics or individual perspectives and experiences, etc.
#TheSisterhoodPodcast #LDSChurch #MormonChurch #Mormons #WomenOnTheStand #ExMo #MembersInTheRoom #GeneralConference #LDS #ChurchOfJesusChrist.

6 days ago

Ladies and gentlemen and whoever else is listening. Welcome back to the program.
Today my guest is former NAR, National Association of Realtors president, Kenny Parcell here to talk about, and clarify, the recent court ruling against NAR and what that actually means for buyers, sellers, realtors and the real estate industry as a whole. We also touch on the harassment allegations that led to him resigning as president of the 1.5 million member group last year..
#NAR #Realtor #PlayNiceInTheSandbox #RealEstateCommissions #NARLawsuit #NARSettlement #SitzerBurnettCase #KennyParcell #UCAR #UAR

Sunday Mar 31, 2024

My guest today is Hunter Rasmussen, otherwise recently known as the 1 Legged Hunter. About 5 months ago, in a freak hunting accident, he was accidentally shot by his friend and ended up losing his leg below the knee. As a young man about to start the rest of his life, this was a devastating blow. In the dark corners of his mind, his life was over…or was it?
Saddle up for a deep dive into the mind of a guy determined to use this experience to start a much more fulfilling and meaningful life.
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#Amputee #1LeggedHunter #DontShootFriends #OneArmedDrummer #Miracle #MyFriendSavedMyLife #HunterRasmussen

Friday Mar 29, 2024

Welcome, my guest today is Malory Ruesch, author of the book Inspired to Recover and owner of Ruesch Recovery. She has deep knowledge of the ups and downs of addiction and recovery as she is a recovering addict herself, of almost 10 years. We deep dive into the choices that led her down the dark paths she had to travel in order to meet an incredible angel who truly saw her and probably saved her life.
Contact MaloryInstagram - -
#RueschRecovery #TellYourStory #MaloryRuesch #OneLife #SecondChances #Addiction 

Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

My guests today are two. Jennifer Grimshaw and Heather Morley. Two amazing humans, utah realtors and most impressive of all, they’re both working single moms. Life happened to both of them in a hard way but they embraced uncomfortable and are killing it in real estate and being pretty dang cool moms. Just ask any of their kids.
#SingleMoms #SingleMomRealtors #UtahSingleMomRealtors #EmbraceUncomfortable #GirlBoss #BossBabes #ParentingIsHard

Wednesday Mar 06, 2024

My guest today is Amy Watkins Jensen, faithful member of the LDS Church, wife, mother, and creator of the IG account, Women on the Stand. This episode is primarily for members of the LDS Church but has implications in all religions and organizations. Why is this important? In a typical LDS Church meeting, for example only the Bishop and his counselors are seated on the stand behind the pulpit. Anyone visiting that ward (congregation) can look up and know who the leaders are. 
In the Oakland, CA Stake for the past decade, the women’s organization leaders have been sitting on the stand during ward and stake meetings. Fair and balanced right? No problem. Back in October of 2023, a member of the churchs area authority for that region of the country decided having women leaders represented on the stand was a problem and put an end to this practice.
This was an abosolute slap in the face to the women of the church on so many levels and it hurt. A lot. You see there was nothing broken here. This practice was benefiting thousands of people in these Bay Area wards yet some leader, not from the area, decided, this was just not how things were supposed to be done.
Amy began her search for answers at the local level and turned up empty. Letters to the general church offices also seemed to have fallen on deaf ears for now, so she has created this community to spread the news and make some change. The Salt Lake Tribune ran an OpEd and here is their podcast about the story too.
I’m sorry ladies that you have been getting a raw deal for like forever it seems and I may be a little late to the game but cannot unsee the imbalance. I call my brothers in the church to step up and push for better visibility for our sisters. They matter more than we have been showing.
Contact Amy:
#WomenOnTheStand #LDSWomen #PrivilegeMakesUsBlind #Patriarchy #EyesAreOpen #CannotUnSee #Othering #Tribalism #LetUsBeSeen #LDSChurch #RussellMNelson #APleaToMySisters #LDSChurchPresident #Feminism #SexismHurtsMenToo #LordIsItI #JesusVisitedWomenFirst #OaklandStake #SLTribune #SlapInTheFace

Sunday Feb 18, 2024

My guest today is Careshmeh French and a couple years ago, she lost her soul mate, best friend and husband. All who happened to have been the same amazing man. 
This loss has left her broken beyond anything she has ever experienced before. The strange part about this is how those around her are uncomfortable with her grieving process and feel like she should have “moved on” by now. 
She gives us all good counsel on what not to do or say in the wake of someone's tragedy.
#Lukemia #MournWithThoseThatMourn #JustSitWithMe #LDSHospital #JustLetMeGrieve #EternalFamilies #MormonTapDance #HesInABetterPlace #DumbThingsToSayAtFunerals #SoulMate #HeWasMyPerson #Signs #TheLightBetweenUs

Saturday Feb 17, 2024

My guest today is author of a new-ish book which takes us on a personal tour inside the FLDS church through one man's personal experience at the feet of Warren Jeffs, Charlene Paul. Issac's life is nothing short of astonishing! A shocking and mesmerizing story of faith, abuse, courage and freedom. It is well written with a blend of honesty, acceptance of the reality, genuine emotions and insight. Charlene tells of the struggles in the FLDS without embellishment or sensationalizing the story. 
Such an amazing story.
Charlene's Website -
Get the book today -
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Help and ResourcesHolding Out Help - #FLDSChurch #KeepSweetPrayAndObey #Polygamy #ShortCreek #DevotionDeceptionDeliverance #IsaacsStory #CharlenePaul

Monday Feb 12, 2024

Welcome back to the show. Today the microphones are flipped and I am in the hot seat as a guest on Cheryl Knowlton's Command Performances podcast. Cheryl is a public speaker and a public speaking coach, real estate coach and a ton of other energetic things. She grills me and gets me to tell my story into podcasting and real estate and the big life changes I have made over the past five years.
It's always nice to be on the other side of the mic.
#CherylKnowlton #CherylKnows #CommandPerformancesPodcast


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